Thursday, 1 February 2018

Re: Your readers might like to know about CGTrader

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I just wanted to follow-up with you - did you get a chance to look at the emails below?
Many thanks in advance for your feedback.
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On 2018-01-25 16:00:00 UTC, Justas Gaubys <> wrote:
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Did you get my email below?



On 2018-01-19 16:00:00 UTC, Justas Gaubys <> wrote:

Hi there, 

My name is Justas and I work at - one of the fastest growing 3D model marketplaces in the world. 

I am researching blogs in the 3D industry (3D bloggers in particular) and I came across your article: 

I wanted to let you know that we have a lot of content that might be interesting to your readers. We have tons of free 3D models, useful blog posts about 3D design, 3D challenges for designers, 3D tutorials and a forum with a vibrant community of members. I believe that you and your readers might want to check out CGTrader and become a part of our community.

Would you consider adding a link to CGTrader in the article (or in future posts)? I think your visitors would truly appreciate it and it would add value to your article. 

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