Thursday, 23 August 2012

nokia launches lumia 900 with 41 mega pixel camera

Nokia Drops Slight Hint of 41-Megapixel Sensor in Forthcoming Smartphone

Nokia has dropped a hint that its forthcoming Lumia smartphone may include the eye-opening 41-megapixel camera technology that caught the industry by surprise when shown off earlier this year.
The company first showed off the ability to embed a 41-megapixel sensor into a cameraphone earlier this year when it announced the Pureview 808, which also surprised by being based on Symbian instead of the Microsoft OS the company had committed to.
LumiaHowever, the handset had been under development for some time and some of the clever software was specific to Symbian, so the debate has been whether Nokia has used the intervening months to adapt it for use in a Windows Phone based device.
In a slightly cryptic reply to a self-confessed Windows Phone fan, Philip G, the official Nokia twitter account didn’t exactly brush off a question about whether the upcoming handset would come with the Pureview technology.
Responding to Nokia’s announcement that the current Pureview 808 smartphone won a camera award, Philip G asked about the upcoming Lumia handset, to which Nokia replied: “Just keep your eyes and ears open in the next coming weeks….”
Not conclusive, but not a complete brush off either.
In fact, the 41-megapixel camera is not really designed for use as a camera with a very high resolution though, but as a way of allowing a high-quality digital zoom to overcome a cameraphone’s lack of zoom lens. The higher the original resolution, the less quality is lost when using digital zooms.
So while the headline figure of a 41-megapixel camera grabbed headlines, it is the zoom capability which excited camera enthusiasts.
If Nokia have managed to modify the Windows Phone OS to support the 41-megapixel sensor, then it could be a break-through moment for the company.
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